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The fast food market in Russia has grown due to the influx of guests

During the year, the number of visitors to fast food establishments increased by a significant 16.7%.

The market for fast-food restaurants, according to data analysis of the Romir consumer scan panels, grew in the fourth quarter of 2018. The growth is noticeable compared with the previous period - the number of visitors to fast-food restaurants increased by 8.9% in the quarter.

The main driver of market growth was KFC, which was further strengthened in second place - the network’s audience increased by 4.1 percentage points. by year. The rest of the market players and representatives of the “big three” - McDonald's leader and the last three Burger King - did not increase this figure so much. In general, there has been a trend of growth in attendance at fast food restaurants.

Regarding the frequency of visits, in the fourth quarter, visitors began to go to fast food a little less. Only Burger King showed a positive trend - an increase compared to the same period in 2017 amounted to 2.8%. Such growth still did not allow BK to leave the third place in this indicator. McDonald's slightly lost in frequency, but KFC began to walk less often, primarily because of the influx of new customers who are just discovering fast food restaurants and starting to visit them.

Interestingly, McDonald's supporters visit restaurants of this chain on average 5.1 times during the period, unique KFC visitors go to restaurants of the network on average 5.3 times, and Burger King fans visit restaurants of their network a little less - 4 times during the period. But the frequency of visits to fans of all three networks is fundamentally different and is 28.9 times during the period, which is 5 times higher than the number of visits from fans of one network! At the same time, the number of such buyers is low, as well as the average check.

In general, all categories of fast food dishes are more popular on weekdays. For example, almost 64% of all ice cream is sold from Monday to Friday. The same applies to desserts - only 37% of this category of buyers get on weekends. But alcoholic beverages are sold almost equally on weekdays, on weekends.

* The Romir Scan Panel research scan-panel of households is based on consumption data of 40,000 Russians, 15,000 households in 220 cities with a population of 10,000 people, representing consumer and consumer behavior of residents of Russian cities. Panel members scan the bar codes of all purchased items brought home. Scan data in the online mode enters the scan panel database.

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