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The market of coffee houses showed growth in 2018

The total number of coffee shops operating under the 80 largest brands in Europe in 2018 increased by 6%. In addition to the organic growth of chains in the coffee market, there were a huge number of purchase and merger deals last year. We present the results of the annual research of the magazine “FoodService Europe & Middle East”.



The most significant event of the year was the sale of Costa Coffee chain (1st place in the ranking). The British hotel-restaurant company Whitbread completely broke up with its coffee business, selling it to Coca-Cola. Another sensation: Starbucks (2nd place in the rating) entered the Italian market, where it was not represented until recently, opening the first European Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Europe with an area of ​​2,400 square meters in Milan. 
Three of the leaders in Costa Coffee (2923 coffee houses), Starbucks (2673 coffee houses) and McCafé (2413 coffee houses) continue to strengthen their dominant positions, significantly increasing the gap with Tchibo, which takes 4th place with less than 850 coffee houses. Caffè Nero (5th place in the ranking) significantly increased its presence in the market due to the continuing takeovers, which are far from always obvious to guests, since the signs on the coffee houses of famous brands remain unchanged (Coffee # 1, 29th place in the ranking).
Swedish Espresso House (7th place in the ranking) is different. The brand, owned by JAB Holding Company, which is owned by the family of multi-millionaire Ryman, continues to invest in the European coffee house market, rebranding existing brands, despite the fact that many of them have a long-term history and accumulated recognition in the market.
The only player in the top ten who reduced the number of coffee houses in 2018 was the Russian chain of coffee houses, Shokoladnitsa (9th place in the ranking). In general, the ten brands listed above managed to increase the total number of outlets by almost 7%, to 11,716 points. A newcomer to the top 25 rankings is the Israeli coffee chain Cofix (22nd), which is widely represented in Russia. It was she who in 2018 became the leader of relative growth, increasing her presence in the market by 170%. The leader of absolute growth was the Starbucks network, which grew by 205 coffee houses.

Speaking about the key trends that today determine the development of the market, coffee house operators often refer to such fashionable expressions as specialty coffee, craft coffee, baking, and sustainable development. All this, among other things, implies a strong need for mono-varieties, a desire to expand the range of coffee drinks, branded coffees, a variety of drinks with milk and a variety of cooking methods, as well as the demand for cold brew and nitro coffee. However, according to Pascal Herter, CEO of Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, it’s very difficult to be unique and fashionable and at the same time remain profitable. After all, for most guests the most important factor is the ratio of price and quality.

The theme of sustainable development in the coming years will also determine the development of the coffee segment. More and more coffee shop operators are purchasing grain directly from farms and are trying to do less harm to the environment by choosing environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Some players are paying increasing attention to the range of food. “Today, coffee shops are increasingly reminiscent of a local pub, ready to satisfy every need of the client: you take coffee in the morning, then come to lunch, and after work you can sit with friends over a glass of wine,” says Radu Savopol, founder and CEO of the Romanian brand . British networks are concerned about the uncertainty that the country's coming out of the EU entails, in particular the influence of Brexit on the labor market, imports and the British pound rate, according to Adrian Aires, operating director of Puccinos.

Top Ten:
1. Costa Coffee
2. Starbucks
3. McCafé
4. Tchibo
5. Caffè Nero
6. Coffee Like
7. Espresso House
8. Coffee Island
9. "Chocolate"
10. Gregory's.


By link - http://www.cafe-future.ru/analytics/kofe-po-krupnomu/